Price for each destination vary by courier service, parcel weight & size and packaging type. Please call us to get a quote offered by different courier services.


Price within a country may also vary for different locations. Areas which are not served by your chosen courier service are categorised as remote areas and each such destination are subject to additional surcharge. Please see surcharge section below for more detail.


All shipments are subject to pay Fuel Surcharge, which changes everyday! Therefore a quote you get today may change tomorrow. All EU destinations are subject to pay VAT.


Parcel weight is rounded up to the greater kilo. (i.e. Parcel weighing 1.1Kg. or 1.7Kg. will be considered as 2Kg.)

If your parcel is large in size and light in weight, you will be charged for its size (volumetric weight). To calculate the volumetric weight use the formula below:

Your shipment may subject to one or more surcharges
  • . Re-routing: If you decide to change the delivery address
  • . Incorrect address: If you provided a wrong address
  • . Over weight parcel: If you did not declare the actual weight of the parcel
  • . Over size parcel: If you did not declare the actual size of the parcel
  • . Remote Area: If the parcel is not served by your chosen courier service
  • . Customs clearance: If your parcel is subject to pay duty & taxes, your courier service will act as a broker on your behalf.
  • . Insurance (Optional): Cost of insurance is a % of declared value of your whole shipment
  • . V.A.T: Currently 20% of the total shipment cost applies to only E.U. countries
  • . Duty & Taxes: An estimated cost can be calculated; however every country has its own criteria to calculate the Duty & Taxes therefore the estimated cost can be differed, Usually the shipper is agreed that the recipient will pay any duty & taxes

Returning cost for undelivered parcel:
Same as the cost of outgoing shipment + one or more above surcharges.